Dr. Cynthia Carter Ching, Associate Dean

Educational issues surround us and influence our development as a society. Whether entering the field of education, or considering another field, students will encounter educational issues throughout their careers. They cut across disciplines.

The UC Davis Undergraduate Courses in Education are designed to inform and engage students in an exploration of many of these issues. Students have opportunities to work in diverse educational settings and examine their views with their peers and professors. The UC Davis Minor in Education requirements will prepare future leaders to be knowledgeable about the everyday educational issues they will encounter as educators, researchers, policymakers, business leaders, parents, and citizens.

The UC Davis School of Education welcomes students from all majors. In addition, UC Davis students who minor in Education are a part of a growing community of leaders in education. We urge you to consider joining our community.

Dr. Cynthia Carter Ching
Associate Dean

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