Academic Major in the Subject Area

Completion of an academic major in the subject area of the credential being sought is one option to to demonstrate your proficiency. The academic degree must be an exact match to the subject you wish to teach. Below are some of the academic degrees that are confirmed as meeting the subject matter requirement for the subjects listed. These are shown in bold.

Shown in italics are “potential” academic degrees that MAY meet the requirement but are not yet confirmed by the CTC. If you are currently applying for admission to our program, please move forward assuming they are not approved.


Agriculture: Agriculture; Agricultural and Environmental Education

English: English; Applied English

Math: Mathematics; Applied Mathematics

Potential – not yet confirmed: Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research; Mathematical and Scientific Computation

Science – Biological: Animal Biology; Biological Sciences; Environmental Biology; Human Biology; or Marine Biology

Potential – not yet confirmed:  BioChemistry and Molecular Biology; Cell Biology; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics; Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior; Systems and Synthetic Biology, Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology

Science – Chemistry: Chemistry; Applied Chemistry

Potential – not yet confirmed: BioChemistry and Molecular Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemical Physics

Science – Physics: Physics; Applied Physics

Potential – not yet confirmed: Chemical Physics

Science – Geoscience: Geoscience; Geology; Applied Geology; Earth Science

Social Science: Social Science

Multiple Subjects: Liberal Studies (with or without a focus or concentration listed)

Evidence to upload to online application: 

If your academic degree is an exact match to the credential you are applying to, upload a Word document with your name, academic degree major, and indicate this is how you are meeting the Subject Matter Requirement.


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