Subject Matter Requirement Timeline

If a candidate has not met their Subject Matter Requirement (SMR) by the start of the program, their student teaching experience may be impacted.  Until a candidate meets their SMR, they are not authorized to introduce new content without their Resident Teacher present.

If a student does not meet the SMR by *April 15th of the credential year, the student will not be enrolled in the student teaching class during Spring Quarter. Although not officially enrolled in student teaching, they will remain enrolled in courses to complete other credential program requirements.  Many of the Spring Quarter classes will require that you volunteer in your placement to meet class assignments. Once the student meets the SMR, they will return for one quarter of student teaching.

* Multiple Subject credential candidates who haven’t met the SMR by the start of the takeover window will not complete their solo takeover at the end of winter quarter. Their takeover can be postponed to spring quarter if they pass all CSETs by April 15 of the credential year.

Please review the Credential Student Handbook for more information on this topic.


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