Photo Gallery

Fall Welcome 2019

Prof. Nicole Sparapani and Prof. Jenni Higgs pose togetherDean Lauren Lindstrom speaks with community membersWoman holds up alumni t-shirtProf. Patricia Quijada smiles at personStudent services team poses with giveaway itemsGirl gets face paintedStudents speak to each otherWomen speak to each other in groupProfessors pose together with giveaway itemsProfessor talks to visiting scholarsProfessors hug each other while wearing FirstGen College Grad t-shirtsStudents pick up name tagsProfessor Alexis Patterson smiles at cameraStudents pose together for photoLarge group of people sit at tables outside Aerial shot of large group of people sitting at tables outside People speak at microphone with BBQ behind themPeople sit at tables while eating dinnerChild gets face paintedPeople walk in foreground as BBQ continues behind themChildren with face painting pose for cameraPeople sit on grass while enjoying dinnerA table is set up with children around it waiting to get their faces paintedDanny Martinez and Cati de los Ríos pose for a photoElizabeth Montaño and Danny Martinez pose for camera as child gets face paintedChildren look through book of face painting optionsAl Mendle talks to person sitting at tableWoman and child pose for camera while sitting at tableTwo alumni speak while sitting at tableWomen smile as they speak to each otherWoman poses for camera as she sits at table eatingA group of people talk in a circle while standingChildren play on the grass with gold balloonsStudent and child pose together for cameraThree women wearing "FirstGen College Grad" t-shirts pose togetherWoman plays with baby while another woman holds the babyFaheemah Mustafaa and Lauren Lindstrom pose for a photoCynthia Carter Ching, Faheemah Mustafaa and Lauren Lindstrom pose for a photoChild with Pikachu face painting eats ice dessertCynthia Carter Ching, Lauren Lindstrom and Chilean visiting scholars pose for cameraStudent holding camera takes a photoLauren Lindstrom poses with Chilean visitorsWoman paints child's face

School of Education faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends and family enjoyed an evening together to kick off the 2019-20 academic year with food and fun. View photos from the celebration. 

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