Designated Emphasis Program

Graduate students in our PhD program may participate in a Designated Emphasis in critical theory; feminist theory and research; native american studies; second language acquisition; or writing, rhetoric and composition studies

Graduate students in our PhD program may participate in a Designated Emphasis, a specialization that might include a new method of inquiry or an important field of application which is related to two or more existing PhD programs.

The curriculum of the Designated Emphasis is offered by a faculty organized in the manner of a Graduate Group.

The Designated Emphasis is awarded in conjunction with the PhD degree and is signified by a transcript designation, for example “PhD in Education with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory.” Programs approved as Designated Emphases by Education include:

  • Critical Theory
  • Feminist Theory and Research 
  • Native American Studies
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies.

Please note:  We strongly encourage you to contact the Designated Emphasis Chair for more information as you will need their approval to be accepted to the Program.  Your application for the Designated Emphasis Program must be submitted and approved before applying for the Qualifying Examination.

Further Designated Emphasis Program information can be located on the Graduate Studies Website.

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