CISI Colleagues Visit Highline Public Schools in Seattle, WA

District Leadership

In October 2018, a group of California school district superintendents and staff visited a lab school/district to see how the district is working with Dr. Meredith Honig on transforming the central office. As we imagine it, an opportunity like this might strengthen and add depth to the work SELF and the Superintendents Network as well as providing participating California SELF alumni school districts to learn from a district that is implementing central office transformation with fidelity and success.         
The two-day visit focused on framing a current challenge in Highline Public Schools, getting visitors up to speed enough on the work to provide input on the challenges, and engagement with HPS leaders to help them address those challenges. In other words, the visit aimed to help visitors learn more about transforming school district central offices by helping HPS with their change efforts.
Takeaways from the Highline PS visit participants:

  • “Incredibly useful conversations about how the central office can impact what happens in schools.”
  • “Feeling empowered to continue work with principals and schools in a strategic and intentional way.”           
  • “Leading about school improvement. Taking the pledge to try something new and different takes courage, determination and focused work.”
  • “This visit has given me “us” a different perspective on deepening, expanding and crating structure where HR partners in driving the “teaching leadership” and student achievement form (aka MTSS) in our district.”     

Read more about Dr. Honig’s work with Central Office Transformation HERE.


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