Collabinar: SciStarter Education

May 17, 2019

Sci Starter Education: a new, pilot, Ed-Tech platform to integrate facilitator-led citizen science in schools through district- and school-wide approaches

May 17, 2029
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Many may have heard of SciStarter, which helps people find, join, and contribute to citizen science through its database of thousands of citizen science projects taking place all over the world. In this event, we learned about a new SciStarter initiative that points to possibilities for scaled up integration of citizen science in the classroom.

We began with a presentation by Darlene Cavalier, the founder of SciStarter and a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Her presentation focused on SciStarter’s exciting work integrating their platform across the whole of Florida’s Broward County School District. We also heard from Sheryl A. Arriola, who shared the professional development module she created for Broward County teachers. Afterwards, we had the chance to discuss and collaborate. This event raised many interesting questions about the implementation of citizen science in a school context, and possible research directions. In particular, we tackled the following questions in our discussion:

  • How might CitSci scholars measure the impact of this work?
  • Suggestions on scaling to other districts and broadening the scope to include other projects, particularly given the challenges of working with people under 13 years of age.

Click here to access a flier with event details.

About the CCS Collabinar Series
The CCS Collabinar invites our partners from across the globe to bring us their most exciting challenges and opportunities in community and citizen science. Each event supports mutual learning, and advances projects and partnerships. To stay informed about upcoming Collabinars, please sign up here.

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