Examining the Role of Community and Citizen Science in Marine Protected Areas

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The UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science is launching a project aimed at understanding the contributions of CCS programs to the first decade of MPA implementation, which can inform the 2022 decadal review of California MPAs, and subsequent planning and implementation. We are working with state partners, including the California Ocean Protection Council and Department of Fish and Wildlife, and CCS practitioners and participants to assemble data and develop insights that cut across the many different projects that have contributed to MPAs over the last 10 years.

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Map of California’s Marine Protected Areas and MPA Citizen Science Organizations

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A Map of California's Marine Protected Areas and MPA Citizen Science Organizations
Data Sources: UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science; State of California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marine Region GIS Lab; Google Earth Satellite Imagery

Project Scope

146 Marine Protected Areas
61 State Marine Conservation Areas
50 State Marine Reserves
14 Special Closures
10 State Marine Conservation Areas (No-Take)
  6 State Marine Parks
  5 State Marine Recreational Management Areas

Preliminary Inventory

A preliminary search for CCS projects doing work in or related to California MPAs yielded the following data. We will be updating these figures periodically as the project evolves.

67 MPA Citizen Science Projects
24 Taxon Specific Monitoring
13 Marine Debris Monitoring
  7 Baseline Monitoring and Long-Term Monitoring
  7 Large Scale Biodiversity Monitoring
  5 Restoration Work
  5 Water Quality Monitoring
  3 Hydrology Monitoring
  3 Long-Term Monitoring Only
43 MPA Citizen Science Organizations
27 Non-Governmental Organizations
  6 Academic
  4 Federal
  4 Other
  2 State

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