Fullan Report on California’s Education System: State is on Track to Improve Education Recommended Strategies for Improvement by Michael Fullan

Curriculum & Instruction

(September 2017)

In a recent report on policy changes in California since LCFF, LCAP, SBAC and CCSS, Michael Fullan, with colleague Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, writes of promising developments in the state’s education system. The 30-page report outlines positive shifts in the system and makes recommendations for “staying the course” in order to see positive outcomes for students. Following are excerpts from the report:

Fullan’s right drivers are now a focus of California’s education system.

Wrong and Right Divers of Education Reform
Wrong Drivers                                   Right Drivers
Punitive Accountability                    Capacity Building
Technology                                         Pedagogy
Individualistic Solutions                   Collaboration
Ad Hoc Initiatives                              Systemness

Further, Fullan emphasizes the importance of capacity building. The report states,
“Capacity building is about developing individual and collective skills, competencies and dispositions in four interrelated areas:
    1.  Relationship building with individuals and groups from all backgrounds.
    2.  Pedagogical skills relative to nurturing and deepening the learning of diverse individuals and groups.
    3.  Assessment with respect to defining, measuring, and using evidence for diagnostic, monitoring and action taking purposes.
    4.  Change leadership in relation to motivating diverse people, addressing conflict, problem-solving, while attending to developing individuals and groups daily and for the future (developing leaders on a continuous basis).”

The report makes the following recommendations to further the work:
“Our recommendations are based on the above analysis, and are designed to move the system forward in a direction that seems to have widespread support, but has not yet been realized. These six recommendations should be treated as an interrelated set.
Recommendation One: Establish a Clear Directional Vision Linked to Capacity Building
Recommendation Two: Clarify and Update CCEE’s Role
Recommendation Three: Redefine the Role and Build the Capacity of County Offices.
1. Shift from compliance to mutual capacity building related to student learning and achievement
2. Foster systematic collaboration to improve student outcomes
3. Build a culture of co-learning that leads to sustainable change
4. Promote a climate of candor, evidence, and urgency for action
Recommendation Four: Leverage the Capacity of Successful Districts
Recommendation Five: Create Coordination and Coherence
Recommendation Six: Secure the Sustainability of the California Way
To access the full report, click HERE

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