Key Reading & Websites of Interest

The LEARN CitSci project team has highlighted below a range of key readings and websites for those who would like to read more about our theory & research approach, the design & methodology that helped shape our study. We have also highlighted some key external citizen science links that visitors to these legacy pages may be interested in.

  • Articles on the theoretical and research approach we took on this project (written by members of our team):

    • Ballard, H. L., Dixon, C. G. H., & Harris, E. M. (2017). Youth-focused citizen science: Examining the role of environmental science learning and agency for conservation. Biological Conservation, 208, 65–75.

    • Ballard, H. L., Robinson, L. D., Young, A. N., Pauly, G. B., Higgins, L. M., Johnson, R. F., & Tweddle, J. C. (2016). Contributions to conservation outcomes by natural history museum-led citizen science : Examining evidence and next steps. Biological Conservation.

    • Herodotou, C., Sharples, M., & Scanlon, E. (2017). Introducing Citizen Inquiry. In Introducing citizen inquiry: Synthesising Science and Inquiry Learning (pp. 1–6).

  • Articles about the theory, design and methodology that helped to shape the design of this study:

    • Basu, S. J., & Calabrese Barton, A. (2009). Critical physics agency: Further unraveling the intersections of subject matter knowledge, learning, and taking action. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 4(2), 387–392.

    • Basu, S. J., Calabrese Barton, A., Clairmont, N., & Locke, D. (2009). Developing a framework for critical science agency through case study in a conceptual physics context. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 4(2), 345–371.

    • Design-based Research Collaborative. (2003). Design-based research : An emerging paradigm for educational inquiry. Educational Researcher, 32(1), 5–8.

    • Sandoval, W. (2014). Conjecture mapping: An approach to systematic educational design research. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 23(August 2014), 18–36. 

  • Articles on Environmental Science Agency:

  • Articles & resources on project design

  • Resources on evaluating your citizen science work

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