Resources for Practitioners & Publications

The LEARN CitSci project produced a range of outputs to disseminate its research and findings. These include:

A series of Podcasts in which project staff were interviewed:

  • Podcast 1 – Intro to LEARN CitSci (Link)
  • Podcast 2 – What is Environmental Science Agency? (Link)
  • Podcast 3 – What is Design Based Research? (Link)
  • Podcast 4 – BioBlitzes (Link)
  • Podcast 5 – Long Term Monitoring Projects (Link)
  • Podcast 6 – Online settings iNat (Link)
  • Podcast 7 – Online settings Zooniverse (Link)
  • Podcast 8 – Impacts on our CS Programmes (Link)
  • Podcast 9 – Researcher Practitioner Partnerships (Link)
  • Podcast 10 – Collaborations with Community Based Organisations (Link)
  • Podcast 11 – COVID Impacts and our adaptations (Link)

Published Papers:

  • What do we know about young volunteers? An exploratory study of participation in Zooniverse (Link)

    Herodotou, C., Aristeidou, M., Miller, G., Robinson, L. & Ballard, H.

  • Exploring the participation of young citizen scientists in scientific research: The case of iNaturalist (Link)

    Aristeidou, M., C. Herodotou, H. L. Ballard, A.N. Young, A.E. Miller, L. Higgins, R. F. Johnson. 2021.

  • Step by step towards citizen science – Deconstructing youth participation in BioBlitzes. Journal of Science Communication (Link)

  • Lorke, J., H.L. Ballard, A.E. Miller, S. Pratt-Taweh, J. Jennewein, A. Young, L. Higgins, R. Johnson, L. Robinson. In press.

  • How do young community and citizen science volunteers support scientific research on biodiversity?: The case of iNaturalist.

  • Maria Aristeidou, Christothea Herodotou, Heidi L. Ballard, Lila Higgins, Rebecca F. Johnson, Annie E. Miller, Alison N. Young, Lucy D. Robinson. Diversity (Special Issue)  (Under review; anticipated publication date 2021)

  • Community and Citizen Science for Young People: The “who, what, and how” of learning in online settings. Christothea Herodotou, Nashwa Ismail,  Maria Aristeidou, Grant Miller, Lucy D. Robinson, Heidi Ballard, Maryam Ghadiri, Ana I. Benavides Lahnstein (In preparation; anticipated publication date 2021)

  • Learning opportunities and outcomes in citizen science: A huristic model for design and evaluation. In O. Levrini & G. Tasquier (Eds.) Electronic Proceedings of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) 2019 Conference. (pp. 889-898). University of Bologna
    Bruckermann, T. Lorke, J., Rafolt, S., Scheuch, M., Aristeidou, M., Ballard, H., Bardy-Durchhalter, M., Carli, E., Herondotou, C., Kelemen-Finan, J., Robinson, L., Swanson, R., Winter, S., & Kapelari, S. 2020.

Other publications/presentations/conference proceedings


  • Product 1


  • Wardlaw, J., Ballard, H.L., Robinson, L.D., Johnson, R.F., Young, A.N., Higgins, L.M., Herodotou, C., Lorke, J., Ghadiri Khanaposhtani, M., Miller, A., Pratt-Taweh, S., Jennewein, J., Aristeidou, M. Burton, V., Papathoma, T., & Miller, G. (2020). “Partnering science education research and citizen science practice: Lessons from using a design-based research approach in the informal learning setting of natural history museums” At the European Citizen Science Association Conference, 06 – 11 September 2020, Trieste, Italy.
  • Lorke, J. (2020). “Youths’ encounters with BioBlitzes - Participation in Science, Education or Public Engagement?” At the European Citizen Science Association Conference, 06 – 11 September 2020, Trieste, Italy.
  • Lucy’s CSA stuff – videos are on YouTube

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