From the Sept 6, 2018 State Board of Education.

Legislation & Policy

The California Department of Education (CDE) is proposing changes to prepare for the inclusion of two new indicators for the 2018 Dashboard—the Chronic Absenteeism Indicator and the College/Career Indicator (CCI)—and to report a five-year graduation rate for high schools. In addition, the CDE is proposing Status and Change cut scores to the one-year graduation rate for schools with Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS). Consistent with the Fall 2017 Dashboard release, in which the CDE presented proposed changes to the Dashboard throughout the spring and summer, the CDE is requesting that the SBE adopt comprehensive changes to the state indicators on the Dashboard at this meeting and the November 2018 SBE meeting. In addition, the CDE will share the the most recent prototype for the redesign of the California School Dashboard (Dashboard).
College/Career Indicators. 

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