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The Coaching Perspective

Why it Really Matters and How to Get Started

Today more and more schools and districts recognize that coaching is essential to strengthening the instructional capacity of teachers. REEd is pleased to offer a free, three-part online course via Canvas, a learning management system. The course is designed for administrators, evaluators, supervisors, instructional and peer coaches, and all others responsible for observation and feedback. Click here to register. 

The Coaching Perspective is being offered as part of REEd’s strategy to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) through systems of professional growth. Our strategies for building instructional capacity include: targeting the instructional shifts needed for CCSS; cultivating local teacher community in driving instructional change; and creating the conditions necessary for continuous improvement.

This no-cost, on-line course emerged from a larger REEd initiative (Integrated Systems for Professional Growth) made possible through California’s Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Program, administered by the Educator Excellence Office at the California Department of Education.

In seven years of work with California pilot districts we learned that while most every district recognizes the value of coaching, not every district knows how to build a system that supports effective coaching. This course represents our ideas and thinking around this topic. 

This is a self-paced course with a number of opportunities to interact with instructors and fellow participants. We are excited to pilot this course and look forward to your responses and feedback. You can send content questions to the Professional Learning Design Team.       

Follow this link to register directly on Canvas:

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