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Explore the resources, guides, reports and more that feature utilizing ccs in farm and garden environments.

Citizen Science on the Farm Curriculum

The Citizen Science on the Farm project provides teachers with the training and materials they need to connect students with their school’s garden or green spaces through youth-focused community and citizen science. To view the resources for CitSci on the Farm, visit the project homepage.



UC Agriculture & Natural Resources and UC Cooperative Extension

Student and Teacher gardeningWe’re proud to announce a new special issue of California Agriculture exploring the many ways that community and citizen science (CCS) are playing a role in cooperative extension. Ryan Meyer, Sabrina Drill, and Chris Jadallah served as guest editors of this collection, which spans a wide range of topics while illustrating the many different ways that CCS is used by extension professionals to advance their work. The articles complement the report we prepared for the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources with forward recommendations for a CCS strategy. Read below for a list of articles and direct links.

Special issue webpage


Community and citizen science

By Ryan Meyer, Sabrina Drill, Christopher Jadallah

In this special issue, California Agriculture presents research and news on community and citizen science projects across California.

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Assessing community and citizen science at UC ANR

By Ryan Meyer, Sabrina Drill

The authors uncovered a rich diversity of projects that engage Californians in UC ANR research, and a variety of challenges and opportunities for expanding this work.

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