Resources for Marine and Coastal CCS

Our list of resources includes our guide and published research surrounding best practices and findings of CCS in marine and coastal environments.


Since Spring 2021, two project teams at the UC Davis Center for Community and Citizen Science have been collecting and analyzing data related to the contributions of community and citizen science participants in coastal monitoring activities within and surrounding marine protected areas (MPAs) throughout the State of California. At the end of January 2022, these efforts culminated in two reports that were submitted to the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (CDFW) as contributions to the MPA Decadal Management Review process, for which CDFW is compiling a comprehensive report to inform the California Fish and Game Commission in their plans for the next 10 years of the state’s MPA Management Plan. 

Examining the Role of Community and Citizen Science in Marine Protected Area Implementation

In this report, we examined the CCS efforts of 10 MPA monitoring projects that received baseline and/or long-term funding from the State. 




Using MPA Watch Data to Analyze Human Activities Along the California Coast

Since 2011 volunteer surveyors working with MPA Watch have collected more than 30,000 surveys of human activities such as boating, onshore fishing, and tidepooling. Our team summarized and analyzed these data, looking for patterns in coastal use. 


Co-edited by Dr. John Cigliano and our Faculty Director, Heidi Ballard, Citizen Science for Coastal and Marine Conservation provides a broad range of case studies exploring the utility and feasibility, as well as limitations, of using marine and coastal citizen science for conservation to leverage these resources and address these tensions. The book also provides critical considerations (i.e., which questions and systems are best suited for citizen science), and presents recommendations for best practices for successful marine and coastal citizen science projects.



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