Mikael Villalobos and Isabel Nuñez

Villalobos: BA ’93, EdD ’14 Nuñez: Cred. ’14, MA in progress

Mikael Villalobos (BA ’93, EdD ’14) and his niece, Isabel Nuñez (Credential ’14, MA in progress), both shared a well-deserved moment in the spotlight as they each took their turn on stage at the Mondavi Center’s Jackson Hall during the UC Davis School of Education’s graduation ceremony in June 2014.

Villalobos, who studied in the School’s Capital Area North Doctorate in Educational Leadership (CANDEL) program, recently celebrated 21 years of service as a UC Davis employee. A long-time Aggie, Villalobos is the administrator of diversity education in the Office of Campus Community Relations, charged with teaching staff development classes and facilitating trainings on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Before taking this position, Villalobos served the Division of Student Affairs for 16 years, first as a clerk with the Health Education Program, and eventually serving as assistant director and regional partnership manager for the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP).

“In the process of developing as a leader on campus, I knew CANDEL was the perfect setting in my development as a more complete scholar, professional, and human being,” said Villalobos.

“Moreover, I really consider UC Davis my community, not only because I affirmatively chose to be a part of this community, but also because so much of my growth and development—personally and professionally—is very much tied to this campus. Just as this institution changed my life, I want to play a role in touching the lives of others who are members of the UC Davis community.”

Nuñez is in the School’s master’s degree program and is a first grade
teacher at American Lakes Elementary in Sacramento, Calif.

“The ability to assess different situations using multiple perspectives is a skill I’ve employed as a new teacher and is an essential skill gained from my training as a student teacher, “ said Nuñez. “It is this kind of teacher preparation that led me to choose the UC Davis School of Education in my development both as a scholar and practitioner.”

Villalobos also leads the UC Davis Community Book Project. Learn more about the 2014-15 book, Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism, by Temple Grandin.

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