How to Make a Propeller Car – A Great DIY Toy Car

In this video,  one of our amazing student mentors, Ann Rainey, makes a DIY propeller car that can be made from using DC motor and household materials.

How to Make a Propeller Car – A Great DIY Toy Car

Step 1: Create the base of the car using anything you want (popsicle sticks, cardboard)

Step 2: Attach straws to the body of the car. This allows the wheels to turn

Step 3: Attach one wheel to the skewer then stick the skewer through the straw and attach the second wheel. Then repeat

Step 4: Attach the fan to the motor and check if the fan will hit the ground. If it will, build a structure to raise it up.

Step 5: Create your circuit. Slide one of the wires connecting to the battery pack though the small metal loop on the motor. Then connect the other wire to the other metal loop. The motor will work if you connect either wire to either side. But when you put the fan on the motor one way will create more air. Try connecting the wires to either side to see what gives off the most air. This will help your car go faster.

Step 6: Attach the circuit to the car body.

Now you have a basic car!

Here are some questions to think about.

1. How can you make your car faster?

2. How can you make it look cooler?

3. Can you make other things with the same supplies? We hope you enjoyed this project!

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