Sharing our Gratitude and Appreciation

Alumni Sandi Redenbach and Ken Gelatt Gift Names New Learning Lab

Sharing our Gratitude and Appreciation


""In this video, the School of Education community comes together to thank generous longtime supporters and alumni Sandi Redenbach (’72, Cred. ’73) and Ken Gelatt (’67, Cred. ’68) for their generous support of the school over many years, and on the occasion of the naming of Room 2377 in the Academic Surge building the Sandi Redenbach and Ken Gelatt Learning Lab in their honor.

Thanks to their support, the School of Education has renovated and completely upgraded a third classroom, transforming it into a 21st-century teaching and learning environment.

“We are so grateful for Sandi and Ken’s continued support and philanthropic leadership,” said Dean Lauren Lindstrom. “Our students let us know through our five-year planning process that upgraded classrooms were a high priority and important for their learning. It’s so fitting that Sandi and Ken are supporting this effort because they always have the well-being and education of our students in mind.”

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