Education Graduate Student Association

Education Graduate Student Association



What is EdGSA?

EdGSA is the School of Education subcommittee of the larger Graduate Student Association at UC, Davis that aims to improve graduate education and provide services, social events, and a forum for us to express concerns. The goals of EdGSA are to advocate for students, ensure the inclusion of students in policy decisions, support students in their quest toward academic scholarship, and establish a community that fosters social justice in the SOE.

Who is a part of EdGSA?

As regularly enrolled graduate students in the School of Education (PhD, EdD, Masters) and professional students in the teaching credential program, you all will automatically be EdGSA members. Members of EdGSA nominate students to be the representatives of their emphasis area.  

Recent and Ongoing EdGSA Activities:

  • Prospective Student Dinner at Red 88 
  • Emphasis Area Happy Hour Socials
  • Student Mentoring QA Sessions/Videos: qualifying exams, dissertation process, and job searches (contact Leslie Banes for info)
  • Mentorship Social for First Year Students 
  • Class Gift 2015: Coffee and Tea for Student Lounge
  • Coordinating Student Speakers at Graduation 
  • Coordinating meetings to keep students updated on the search for a new dean
  • EdGSA Speaker Series, 04.30.2021

If you have any ideas or concerns to share with the EdGSA officers, issues specific to your emphasis area, or if you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

EdGSA Officers and Emphasis Area Representatives

Executive Chair: 

Çağrı Güzel           E-mail:

GSA Committee Reps:

Makenzie Neves   E-mail:

Shaniah Branson  E-mail:

William Jung        E-mail:

Courses Committee Reps: 

Jaime Ramirez-Mendoza    E-mail:

Emily Mak                             E-mail: 

Education Policy Committee Reps:

Adriana Quintana-Lopez    E-mail:

Valeria Zunino                      E-mail: 

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