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In the Fall 2015 issue of Catalyst magazine, we dive into the promises and pitfalls of restorative justice, examine whether teaching to the test is effective, visit a mobile engineering lab, and much more. Meet the students, faculty and alumni who are shaping the field of education in so many different ways. Download the magazine here.

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Our Cover Story

Visit Maisha T. Winn’s faculty page at the School of Education at University of Wisconsin-Madison to learn more about her research, grants, publications and presentations.

Follow Arash Daneshzadeh on Twitter at @A_Daneshzadeh, or read some of his most recent articles online here and here, and watch one of his presentations here.

Learn more about Mariama Smith Gray’s extensive experience and research at her School of Education profile page.

For an example of a restorative justice program in action, browse the San Francisco Unified School District’s extensive curriculum and supporting documents here.

Quit Teaching to the Test

Learn more about the research of featured faculty member Megan Welsh here, and download the publication referenced in the article here. Considering a career in psychometrics? Earn a Master of Arts with a research focus on Educational Assessment and Measurement.

The Man with the Van

Read about Lee Martin’s work here, here, and here.

A Prescription for Med School

Learn about Lorena Ruedas’ work at the UC Davis Postbaccalaureate Program here.

Adventures in Enrichment

Bring your children to the Adventures in Enrichment STEM-Tastic Sunday Sign-up on January 31, 2016, 1-4 pm, in the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center at UC Davis. Meet the instructors, watch demonstrations, and sign up at reduced prices. Download an event flyer here, or the full Summer 2016 catalog here.

Words Take Wing

Learn about Words Take Wing, register to attend the February 23 event, and read about author Sheila Hamanaka here.

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