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2. Classroom Observation

Classroom Observation Handout 23-24

It is important for you to have some knowledge of California public school classrooms and the teacher’s work in that classroom. Your credential application should document 30 hours spent participating with and observing learners. At least 20 of those hours must have been spent observing in a diverse California public classroom(s) at the grade range (and, for middle and high school applicants, in the subject area) that you intend to teach. There is flexibility with the additional 10 hours; they may be spent in a similar setting as the first 20 hours, or they can be spent in other learning situations, such as after-school mentoring programs, camp counseling, coaching or tutoring, in which you will reflect on interactions with school-age learners. We recommend that your classroom observation be completed or almost completed at the time you submit your application.

If you believe you have a unique experience outside of the California public school classroom or if you have substitute teaching experience that may meet this requirement, please provide a description of your experience for faculty review and send to Student Services at Please submit this review BEFORE applying. 

Please review our Classroom Observation handout for more details on how you document your observation/experience-see under Related Links.

REQUIRED: Need to print, complete, and secure signatures using the Classroom Observation Form-see under Related Links.

For Bilingual Applicants Only: it is recommended to have a minimum of 5 hours observing in a bilingual setting. These 5 hours may be part of your 30 hour observation, if in the correct content area to which you are applying. 



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