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2006: School Receives Rare Endowment for Teacher Education

Eager to raise the profile of teachers and strengthen the training they receive, Dolly and David Fiddyment of Roseville, Calif., establish the School of Education’s first endowed chair with a $1 million gift. The chair is one of only a handful of academic chairs in the country focused on teacher education.

Milestones & Achievements

  • School founds Triumph, a full-inclusion preschool, in collaboration with St. HOPE Public Schools and the UC Davis MIND Institute
  • School establishes the Center for Applied Policy in Education (CAP-Ed)
  • Dolly and David Fiddyment endow the School’s first chair–one of the nation’s only such chairs–in teacher education
  • Adam Gelb (Credential ‘05, MA ‘06) named state’s Outstanding First Year Teacher by the California Association for Employment in Education
  • The Campaign for UC Davis begins quiet phase; School sets ambitious $16 million goal
  • Dean Harold Levine named Associate Provost for Education Initiatives at the University of California Office of the President, while continuing to serve as dean
  • Barbara Goldman, associate director of teacher education, receives James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Associate Professor Steven Athanases receives the 2006 Distinguished Research Award from the Association of Teacher Educators
  • Assistant Professor Yuuko Uchikoshi named a Young Scholar by the Foundation for Child Development for her work on the educational challenges of immigrant children
  • School establishes annual Distinguished Educational Thinkers speaker series; speakers include Jeannie Oakes, John Goodlad, Paul Houston, Geoffrey Saxe and David Conley

“Our first set of students [in the CANDEL program] is a very diverse group. All are in leadership positions and have the support of their superintendent or community college president to study in the program. In fact, these leaders play a crucial role in the program, serving as teaching partners and major stakeholders. Making these connections also means that the program will strongly emphasize theory and practice together, not one in favor of another. The problems faced by the students in their respective work settings will frame much of the theory, research, and practice addressed in the program.”
          – Paul Heckman, associate dean and co-director of the CANDEL program

“Teachers are tremendous role models, but they need the right training and tools to work effectively with children. We believe strongly in the dean’s vision for making UC Davis a premier teacher education school.”
          – Dolly Fiddyment

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