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4. Basic Skills Requirement

Previously referred to as the CBEST.

Basic Skills

IMPORTANT: The CTC recently issued new options to meet the Basic Skills Requirement and our website has not yet been updated.  We anticipate updating to include these new options in early August, 2021.

All credential candidates must verify their basic skills proficiency through one of 8 options.  These options are listed on the Basic Skills Requirement Handout and it includes the documentation you should submit to verify completion.  Please carefully review the following:

To Apply:  Applicant must meet Basic Skills Requirement or provide evidence of registration for either the CBEST or CSET: Writing Skills exam (only for multiple subject) or results (after Jan 15) with application documents. 

For Admission: Applicant must pass or meet Basic Skills Requirement before being recommended to Graduate Studies for admission.

For Scholarship Consideration:  Applicant must apply by the January 15th scholarship deadline, submit passing Basic Skills evidence by 2/15/21, and be recommended for admission to be considered for School of Education (Merit-Based) Scholarship.

It is strongly recommended that applicants complete this requirement prior to submitting an application for admission.  Please refer to the Basic Skills handout and test timelines. It is in your best interest to have test requirements completed as early as possible but we will consider exceptions if extenuating circumstances prevent you from meeting these test timelines.  Please ask us about exceptions for Out of State applicants.

If you decide to take CBEST to meet your Basic Skills Requirement:

The CBEST is the California Basic Educational Skills Test and tests your basic understanding of mathematics, writing, and reading.

Here is some brief information about the CBEST:

  • The CBEST is offered as a computer based exam year round and as a paper based exam several times per year at specific testing sites
  • The CBEST is made up of three subtests: reading, writing, and mathematics
  • The three subtests may be taken all on the same day or on separate days
  • Each subtest is scored separately. Please see the NES testing website for details on passing scores. 
  • If you do not pass a subtest you may retake the test until you receive a passing score

Consult the official CBEST website for more information regarding test dates, sites, costs, and to download a free CBEST practice test.

You may want to review the information on the Test Prep Resource document for some study tips.  These are simply for your consideration as some of our students have found them useful.


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