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6. Educational Psychology Course

An upper division course that covers major concepts, principles, theories and research related to the development of children from infancy to adolescence, and human learning and achievement.  Course must examine cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical development as well as typical and atypical development to help inform planning and learning experiences for all students.

At UC Davis, the Education Psychology prerequisite can be met by completing Education 110.  

There are two other UC Davis options that potentially meet this requirement but we must review the syllabus to confirm: 1)  Psychology 140.  (Psy 1 and Psy 41 are prerequisites), and 2)  HDE 100A and 100B.   (Psy 1 and Biological Science 001A or 002A or 010 are prerequisites).

If you did not complete your undergraduate studies at UC Davis, please check the School of Education’s Course Equivalency Site to see if a course at your school is considered equivalent. If you have completed a course that you believe is equivalent to an educational psychology course but you do not see it listed on the Course Equivalency Site, please submit a Course Substitution Request, which can be found under the “Course Inquiry” tab.

IMPORTANT:  You will see that many of the courses that were previously approved are now asking for a current syllabus to confirm that the course still covers the required content.

If you have not completed the prerequisite you can use the “Browse Requirements” tab to investigate equivalent course options that will meet the prerequisite. The School of Education may offer an intensive course for admitted students in summer. It will significantly add to your course load at the start of an already busy program, but is an option for you to consider.

You will be considered a better prepared applicant if you have completed this course by the time you apply, although it is not required. 


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