General information

7. Fundamental Mathematics Course

This prerequisite applies to multiple subject candidates only.

Completion of a fundamental mathematic course is a UCD program pre-requisite for all Multiple Subject candidates. This requirement does not apply to Single Subject candidates. 

This pre-requisite can be met by coursework or examination, as described below.


You must complete a basic, non-remedial college-level math course to meet this pre-requisite. A typical description of an appropriate course would be: “Introduction to fundamental mathematical ideas from principal areas of modern mathematics. Properties of primes, fundamental theorems of arithmetic, properties of rationals and irrationals, binary and other number systems.” A course in statistics will not meet the requirement.

Please check the School of Education’s Course Equivalency Site to see if a course you took at UC Davis or another college has already met the requirements for Fundamental Mathematics. If you have completed a course that you believe is equivalent but you do not see it listed on the Course Equivalency Site, please submit a Course Substitution Request, which can be found under the “Course Inquiry” tab.

AP Exam

An AP exam score of 3 or higher in Calculus meets the pre-requisite for Fundamental Math. For admission review an unofficial score report is acceptable. To meet the requirement you must submit your official AP exam results to our program. To obtain official copies of your AP exam results, contact College Board at (888) 225-5427 or from the website.


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