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Student Teaching Overview: Multiple Subjects

Please note:  This schedule is currently being reviewed and may change.

Throughout the credential year you will be student teaching in the same classroom in which you begin the first day of school. The placement will end at the beginning of June when you graduate. Your teaching schedule varies from quarter to quarter. Here is a brief overview of a typical student teaching schedule.

Fall Quarter

  • You will be in the classroom full-time for the first three weeks of school including the teacher work days prior to the beginning of school. This classroom is your long-term placement.
  • After the first three weeks you will be at your placement three mornings a week.
  • During finals week in December, you teach full time at your long-term placement.

Winter Quarter

  • You teach on Mondays and Tuesdays for the first four weeks back from winter break.
  • Starting in February, you teach full time for six weeks. During this six week period you complete your two-week solo teaching experience in which you plan all of the instruction and teach the class on your own.

Spring Quarter

  • Beginning in April until the end of the quarter, you must teach two full days a week, however, you can choose the days to teach and can break up the days into half days if you wish.


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