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Learning to Teach: A Four-Pronged Approach

Chris Faltis - OpEducation Blog, Education Week - June 12, 2013

Education Week’s OpEducation Blog invited six teacher preparation experts to respond to the following questions:

Are New Teachers Ready to Teach?

“Teacher preparation has been a hot topic for years in the education community. But now more than ever the nation seems focused on teacher quality and performance in the classroom. How well are teacher education programs preparing future teachers? What elements are essential for the successful preparation of novice teachers entering the classroom?”

UC Davis School of Education Professor Chris Faltis, the Dolly and David Fiddyment Chair in Teacher Education and director of teacher education, was one of the respondents. In it he says, “Learning to teach well requires a deep understanding of learners and their development, which includes ways to support students who have learning differences or difficulties. This also includes knowing how to support student learning of language and content for students who are in the process of learning English.” Read his full response here.

Read all six responses here.

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