2000 Graduates

Jane Adan
Taking liberty: Resistance, estrangement, loss, and other trivialities in a child’s relation with adults and the finite world. Critical stories, experimental pieces

Gail Martinez
Making a difference: The effects of an undergraduate research mentorship program on the production of minority scholars

Rick Pomeroy
Detecting changes in student teachers’ conceptions of teaching science to adolescent English language learners

Michele Sanchez-Boyce
A bridge over troubled waters: The use of Spanish-speaking interpreters during special education assessment

Victor Romualdi
Shared dream: A case study of the implementation of Healthy Start (California)

Jeffrey Lewis
The social construction of childhood in a Mixtec community (Mexico)

Maria Mejorado
Navigating the complex issues in a California statewide mentoring program for Mexican American high school students

Susan O’Hara
A case study of the relationships among a fifth-grade teacher’s beliefs, behavioral intentions and behaviors as he integrates computers into the teaching/learning setting

Greg Potter
The adventures of Ann: A case study of a kindergarten teacher and her beliefs as she explored integrating science into her literacy curriculum

Ting Sun
Teachers who lead: Professional life histories of twelve teachers

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