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2018 Graduates

Lisa Hardy
Discourse and reasoning in networked physics classrooms


2017 Graduates

Emily Mae Harris
Examining teacher framing, student reasoning, and student agency in school-based citizen science

Lindsay Lerro
The impact of auditory processing abilities on academic achievement in students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder and ADHD

Kenya Mitchell
Writing at the Crossroads: reflections on authentic voice, student diversity, and vocalizing in diverse contexts


2016 Graduates

James Fabionar Jr.
Operationalizing youth assets in a community change initiative : a social cognitive perspective

Elizabeth Friedmann
Addressing disparities in postsecondary success : the role of need-based financial aid

Mariama Gray
Saving the Lost Boys: Narratives of Discipline Disproportionality


2015 graduates

Lisceth Brazil-Cruz
From high school to college : parenting practices of Latino first-generation college students

Rosalyn Earl
Exploring experiences of women of color doctoral scholars at the University of California : deconstructing intersectionalities of race, class, and gendered microaggressions

Michelle Roppeau
Impact of sport discontinuation on the experience and identity of first-generation and non-first-generation NCAA division I wrestlers


2014 graduates

Julie Orozco
Developing a Vision for Mathematics Instruction: Using Self-collected/Self-selected Video Clips in the Context of Mathematics Teacher Professional Development

Luis Restrepo
The moral career of the student athlete : negotiating difference and exploring identity

Scot Sutherland
Constraint-referenced analytics of algebra learning in classroom network contexts


2013 graduates

Cathleen Alexander
Community college developmental education students’ understanding of foundational fraction concepts

Diane Harkins
Coaching in the context of social-emotional development : implications for targeted early childhood professional development

Lisa Bennett
From Preservice to Inservice: The Development of Inquiry Stance


2012 Graduates

Emily Evans
Learning connections, children’s perceptions, and the role of place in water education

Mary Gwaltney
Effects of IQ, Memory and ADHD Symptoms on Achievement in Students with High Functioning Autism

Lola Muldrew
The Meaning of Adversity Within Traditional K-12 Math Classrooms in the United States from the Perspective if African-American Individuals


2011 graduates

Shonte Stephenson

Matthew Wallace
Developing assessment practices a study of the experiecnes and perservice mathematics teachers as learners and the evolition of their assessment practices as educators

Sumer Seiki

Irina Okhremtchouk

Michael Lawson
The Effects of Student Engagement on Educational Attainment


2010 graduates

Kevin Lai
Exploring Quadrilaterals in a Collaborative Computing Environment

Cassandra Hawley
How beginning secondary teachers understand and enact academic literacies in their classrooms : a qualitative multi-case study

Rim Zahra
Animating the Grotesque in Depression America: A Cultural Analysis of Walt Disney’s Early Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Razzan Zahra
Disney Wishes: Reimagining Disney through the Eyes of Make-A-Wish Children


2009 Graduates

Damian Parr
Student farmer-to-farmer: transformational learning in sustainable agriculture and food systems education

Amy Belcastro
Purposeful Persistence: First Generation College Student Success

Sheryl Hurner
Robotics as science (re)form exploring power, learning and gender(ed) identity formation in a “commnity of practice”


2008 Graduates

Susan Porter
A Literacy Response-to-Intervention for Two Middle School English Learners: The Role of Student-Teacher Interactions, Self-Efficacy, and Cognitive Processing

Melissa Salzar
Bodies in place, bodies in motion: Images of immigrant youth negotiating food, location and identity

Lawrence Hovrath
Tangled up in iquiry: docmenting pre-service science teacher’s perspectives on iquiry as they reflect on the process of planning and teaching inquiry-based lessons


2007 Graduates

Garrett Kenehan
On Students’ Thinking about the Concept of Function while Using Technology in Context: A Design Experiment

Sandra Mercuri
The challenge of developing academic language in spanish and english through science: The case of two teachers’ strategic teaching practices

Emily Prieto
Situational sexuality paradigm: An examination of male heterosexual sexual preference and attitudes and the impact on sexual negotiation on female sex workers in Tijuana, Mexico


2006 Graduates

Allan Bellman
Teaching in a Networked Environment: Catalyst for a Novice Teacher’s use of Formative Assessment

Susan Campbell
Socially Constructing Perspectives: How Fifth Grade Students Express Sociocultural and Critical Historical Perspectives

Pauline Holmes
Academic literacy in the literature classroom: investigating instructional decisions of new teachers of English Learners


2005 Graduates

Bruce McVicker
Doing Technology: A Case Study of Middle School Teachers Defining a Perspective for Working and Learning

Kandace Knudsen
Community college freshman compositon instructors’ choices of readings: the importance of context

Whitney Donnelly
Standards or standardization?: Problem solving and control at two elementary schools

Michele Favreau-Haight


2004 Graduates

Elizabeth Mukiibi
What do you Expect from This School: A Student Focused Inquity into Factors Affecting African American Adolescent Schoolgirls’ Academic Achievement in an Urban School Setting.

Carmina Feldman
Teacher beliefs and teaching with computers : believe it or not : a case study of the role beliefs play in three middle school teachers’ use of computers in teaching science


2003 Graduates

Timothy Larrabee
Out(standing) in high school: One youth’s story

Rebecca Callahan
Opportunity to learn in a California High School: track placement and English Learners

Ann Go
The writing development of Chinese and Vietnamese newcomer students

Jennifer Grimes
The role of the brain’s right hemisphere in comprehending spatially oriented text


2002 Graduates

Sarah Nielson
Josh’s worlds: Developing literacy skills at home and at school

Alicia Valero
Emergent literacy development among Latino students in a rural preschool classroom

Dorine Waidtlow
Transition to work and vocational identity among lower income young adults

Katherine Bruna
Manufacturing dissent: The new economy of power relations in multicultural teacher education


2001 Graduates

Larry Boese
The case for preventing reading disabilities and its implications for general-education and special-education reform

Suzy Thomas
Beginning high school counselors: A qualitative study of professional socialization and role issues

Carmina Brittain
Transnational messages: The diffusion of information about American schools in transnational social spaces among Chinese and Mexican immigrant adolescents


2000 Graduates

Jane Adan
Taking liberty: Resistance, estrangement, loss, and other trivialities in a child’s relation with adults and the finite world. Critical stories, experimental pieces

Gail Martinez
Making a difference: The effects of an undergraduate research mentorship program on the production of minority scholars

Rick Pomeroy
Detecting changes in student teachers’ conceptions of teaching science to adolescent English language learners


1999 Graduates

Judy Kysh
Discourse in small groups in an Algebra 1 class

Francisca Godinez
The formations of ‘Mexicananess: Trenzas de identidades multiples’. The development of womanhood among young Mexicanas: Braids of multiple identities

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