2019 Graduates

Sagit Betser
Under construction: identity development in a girls-only maker program 

Erin Bird
Driven by Data?: Youth Learning Science for Environmental and Civic Action through Community and Citizen Science

JaNay Brown-Wood
Is there a relationship between the race of a character and the story children tell: Exploring if the race of a picture book character is associated with narrative quality of children’s stores and books preference?

David Coad
Teaching rhetorical strategies through social media: a qualitative study of FYC instructors and students

Derek Dockter
Student Persistence in Undergraduate STEM: Exploring the Impact of Preparatory Courses on Student Experience, Motivation, and Identity

Alyssa Henry
A School-Based Pilot Study of an Intervention Targeting Early Reading and Language Development for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Michael Hill
Nontraditional and the New Normal: Three Studies on Nontraditional Student Pathways in Higher Education

Aaron Lanser
Community and Identity in the Academic Borderlands; Digitals Underlife Among First Generation College Student Writers

Carolina Ramirez
First-Year Experiences Among Undergraduates at a Broad-Access Baccalaureate

Aubrey Uresti
“There’s More to Me Than What You See.” How Adolescents Conceptualize Parental Incarceration in their Day-to-Day Lives 

Frank Wada
Improving Undergraduate Time-to-Degree:  The Efforts at One Public Research University

Michele Zugnoni
Encouraging empowerment through expression : creation of a self-reflective writing group for first-generation college students

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