2011 graduates

Shonte Stephenson

Matthew Wallace
Developing assessment practices a study of the experiecnes and perservice mathematics teachers as learners and the evolition of their assessment practices as educators

Sumer Seiki

Irina Okhremtchouk

Michael Lawson
The Effects of Student Engagement on Educational Attainment

Robert Pieretti
Response to Intervention and Literacy: A Bright Spot for Hmong Speaking English Language Learners?

David Ulate
To a Higher Degree: Addressing Disparities in College Access With Concurrent Enrollment

Lin Xiang
A Collective Case Study of Secondary Students’ Model-Based Inquiry on Natural Selection through Programming in an Agent-Based Modeling Environment

Comfort Ateh
Teachers’ Voices: An Analytic Description of Science Teachers’ Elicitation Practices during Instruction

Brenda Rinard
The Persuasive and Evaluative Essays of Adolescent English Learners: How Context Shapes Genre

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