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2003 Graduates

Timothy Larrabee
Out(standing) in high school: One youth’s story

Rebecca Callahan
Opportunity to learn in a California High School: track placement and English Learners

Ann Go
The writing development of Chinese and Vietnamese newcomer students

Jennifer Grimes
The role of the brain’s right hemisphere in comprehending spatially oriented text


2002 Graduates

Sarah Nielson
Josh’s worlds: Developing literacy skills at home and at school

Alicia Valero
Emergent literacy development among Latino students in a rural preschool classroom

Dorine Waidtlow
Transition to work and vocational identity among lower income young adults

Katherine Bruna
Manufacturing dissent: The new economy of power relations in multicultural teacher education


2001 Graduates

Larry Boese
The case for preventing reading disabilities and its implications for general-education and special-education reform

Suzy Thomas
Beginning high school counselors: A qualitative study of professional socialization and role issues

Carmina Brittain
Transnational messages: The diffusion of information about American schools in transnational social spaces among Chinese and Mexican immigrant adolescents


2000 Graduates

Jane Adan
Taking liberty: Resistance, estrangement, loss, and other trivialities in a child’s relation with adults and the finite world. Critical stories, experimental pieces

Gail Martinez
Making a difference: The effects of an undergraduate research mentorship program on the production of minority scholars

Rick Pomeroy
Detecting changes in student teachers’ conceptions of teaching science to adolescent English language learners


1999 Graduates

Judy Kysh
Discourse in small groups in an Algebra 1 class

Francisca Godinez
The formations of ‘Mexicananess: Trenzas de identidades multiples’. The development of womanhood among young Mexicanas: Braids of multiple identities


1998 Graduates

Esther Delgado-Larocco
Classroom processes in a two-way immersion kindergarten classroom

Lary Duque
The power of relationship between parents and school officials

Pam Castori

Paul Rooney
Improving rewriting through direct instruction: An integrated process-oriented approach


1997 Graduates

John Elia
Sexuality education: A challenge for the schools

Alan Blakely

Cathi Christo


1996 Graduates

Stephen Brock
The reading comprehension abilities of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Jaime Schrabeck
The influence of working memory capacity and motivation on the depth of university students’ text processing

Judi Kusnick
Constructing a constructivist classroom: knowledge, learning, and language in science education


1995 Graduates

Lubna Chaudrhy
Marginality, hybridity, empowerment: a critical feminist ethnography of the resistance of Pakistani Muslim immigrant women in community and educational contexts

Terry Underwood
The impact of a portfolio assessment system on the instruction, motivation, and achievemnt of seventh and eight grade english-language arts students in a northern claifornia middle school


1991 Graduates

Yali Zou
The role of minorities in the Woodland Schools: an ethnohistorical accont of minority populations in Woodland from 1850 to the present

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