2002 Graduates

Sarah Nielson
Josh’s worlds: Developing literacy skills at home and at school

Alicia Valero
Emergent literacy development among Latino students in a rural preschool classroom

Dorine Waidtlow
Transition to work and vocational identity among lower income young adults

Katherine Bruna
Manufacturing dissent: The new economy of power relations in multicultural teacher education

Kathy Emery
The Business Roundtable and systemic reform: How corporate-engineered high-stakes testing has eliminated community participation in developing educational goals and policies

David Quijada
Youth coalition building: Crossing community boundaries, raising consciousness and dismantling oppression

Bernadette Musetti
‘Don’t question my authority!’: The politics and pedagogy of English only

Diedre Sessoms
A pragmatic conception of science: Implications for science teaching

Julie Maxwell-Jolly
Teacher response to top-down mandated reform: California’s Proposition 227

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