PhD Advising

PhD Advising & Mentoring


Each student in the program works with a graduate advisor, a faculty advisor, and a major professor.

Faculty Advisor

The admissions committee identifies a primary and secondary advisor for each student. These faculty advisors agree, prior to admission, to take on the responsibility of assisting the student in meeting academic goals. Faculty advisors are Graduate Group members who have research interests compatible with those expressed by the student and whose primary responsibility it is to help students plan a program in the field of emphasis.

Dissertation Advisor/Major Professor

By the end of the second year in the program, the student should identify a potential dissertation advisor (often called a major professor) and work with that individual in preparing for the qualifying examination. Often the faculty advisor will become the dissertation advisor. At this point the dissertation advisor becomes the student’s mentor and assumes the primary advising role.

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PhD Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring of graduate students by faculty is an integral part of the graduate experience.

Ph.D. Program in Education
Mentoring Guidelines

Updated & Revised by Ph.D. Policy Committee, 10/15/07
Adopted by vote of the faculty, Date 10/23/07

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