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About the Program

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PhD Course Requirements

Course Prerequisite Methodology Courses = 8 units

EDU 114, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research, 4 units
EDU 200, Educational Research, 4 units

Professional Induction Course = 4 units

EDU 291, Professional Seminar in Education, 4 units

Methodological Core Courses = 8 units

EDU 201, Survey of Qualitative Methods, 4 units
EDU 204A, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research: Analysis of Correlation and Design, 4 units

Overview eguralni

PhD Timeline & Sequence

There is no specific length of time associated with earning a PhD. Across disciplines and campuses, the average amount of time to earn the degree is between four and five years, although individual time varies widely.

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PhD Advising & Mentoring

Each student in the program works with a graduate advisor, a faculty advisor, and a major professor.


PhD Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring of graduate students by faculty is an integral part of the graduate experience.

Ph.D. Program in Education
Mentoring Guidelines

Updated & Revised by Ph.D. Policy Committee, 10/15/07
Adopted by vote of the faculty, Date 10/23/07

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Doctoral Fellowships in Educational Assessment, Psychometrics & Quantitative Research Methods
Emphasizing Assessment of Students with Special Needs

Fellowships Available for Full-time Ph.D. Students in Education and in Quantitative Psychology

The UC Davis School of Education and Department of Psychology have recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. The GAANN program was designed to attract graduate students from underrepresented groups into a variety of specialized fields with too few highly skilled workers.

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Meet our Alumni

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2018 Graduates

Lisa Hardy
Discourse and reasoning in networked physics classrooms


2017 Graduates

Emily Mae Harris
Examining teacher framing, student reasoning, and student agency in school-based citizen science

Lindsay Lerro
The impact of auditory processing abilities on academic achievement in students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder and ADHD

Kenya Mitchell
Writing at the Crossroads: reflections on authentic voice, student diversity, and vocalizing in diverse contexts


2016 Graduates

James Fabionar Jr.
Operationalizing youth assets in a community change initiative : a social cognitive perspective

Elizabeth Friedmann
Addressing disparities in postsecondary success : the role of need-based financial aid

Mariama Gray
Saving the Lost Boys: Narratives of Discipline Disproportionality

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