PhD About the Program

About the Program


PhD Course Requirements

Course Prerequisite Methodology Courses = 8 units

EDU 114, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research, 4 units
EDU 200, Educational Research, 4 units

Professional Induction Course = 4 units

EDU 291, Professional Seminar in Education, 4 units

Methodological Core Courses = 8 units

EDU 201, Survey of Qualitative Methods, 4 units
EDU 204A, Quantitative Methods in Educational Research: Analysis of Correlation and Design, 4 units


PhD Timeline and Milestones

There is no specific length of time associated with earning a PhD. Across disciplines and campuses, the average amount of time to earn the degree is between four and five years, although individual time varies widely.


PhD Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring of graduate students by faculty is an integral part of the graduate experience.

Ph.D. Program in Education
Mentoring Guidelines

Updated & Revised by Ph.D. Policy Committee, 10/15/07
Adopted by vote of the faculty, Date 10/23/07


2023 Graduates

Alicia Bencomo Garcia
Serving Latina/o/x Undergraduates Through Graduation: An Examination of Organizational Retention Structures at Hispanic Serving Institutions

Chris Jadallah
Power, positioning, and participation: Community- based watershed monitoring as a catalyst for learning and literacy toward socioecological transformation

Mayu Lindblad
Chinese-English and Spanish-English Dual Language Learners? Bilingual Narrative Skills


2022 Graduates

Elizabeth Flores
Latinx Student Experiences With Assessment and Placement at Community College

Amanda Lindell
Environmental Science Identity & Learning Ecosystems for City Youth: The Role of People, Places, and Activities

Robert Linden
Financial Incentives for California Community Colleges: Impacts on District Revenue, Student Financial Aid Receipt, and Degree Production


2021 Graduates

David Earwicker
Asymmetric Expectations: Faculty Research Roles Under California’s Master Plan for Higher Education

Danielle Hagood
How University Instructors See Student Engagement and Risk Status: Constructing Definitions with Information from Instructional Practices and Learning Management Systems

Alexandria Hurtt
Access and Equity in California Schools: Three Investigations on the Distribution of School Inputs


Financial Support

The Graduate Group in Education is committed to offering financial support to our PhD students for at least four years of study through employment and/or fellowships that include a monthly salary/stipend and fee remission.

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