2022 Graduates

Elizabeth Flores
Latinx Student Experiences With Assessment and Placement at Community College

Amanda Lindell
Environmental Science Identity & Learning Ecosystems for City Youth: The Role of People, Places, and Activities

Robert Linden
Financial Incentives for California Community Colleges: Impacts on District Revenue, Student Financial Aid Receipt, and Degree Production

Yanira Madrigal-Garcia
Revealing Colonial Schooling: Rejecting Racialized Norms of School Reputation and Student Worth Via Youth and Teacher Resistance

Joanna Mathias
Dual Enrollment and Career and Technical Education in California: Participation, Access, and College and Career Readiness under Common Core and Multiple Measures Accountability

Kaozong Mouavangsou
A Critical Ethnography of Hmong American Students Navigating and Transforming Their University

Ambar Hernandez Negrete
Race Neutral Policies as Racist Policies: Toward a Student-Centered Critical Race Policy Analysis

Diana Recouvreur
Building Pathways in California’s Corrections to Education Pipeline: Striving Towards Sustainability at California Community Colleges

Sergio Sanchez
Arts Integration Across Subjects and Grades: Early-Career Teachers? Uses of Drama-Based Pedagogy Practices in Diverse Classrooms

Michael Stevens
Collaborative Interactions of Secondary Mathematics Student Groups Using a Distributed Technological Environment

Stacy Wittstock
Reflections in Funhouse Mirrors: Using Institutional Ethnography to Understand Constructions of? Remediation? in a Basic Writing Program

Fei Xue
Learning Through Immersive Visualization

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