2008 Graduates

Susan Porter
A Literacy Response-to-Intervention for Two Middle School English Learners: The Role of Student-Teacher Interactions, Self-Efficacy, and Cognitive Processing

Melissa Salzar
Bodies in place, bodies in motion: Images of immigrant youth negotiating food, location and identity

Lawrence Hovrath
Tangled up in iquiry: docmenting pre-service science teacher’s perspectives on iquiry as they reflect on the process of planning and teaching inquiry-based lessons

Margaret Beddow
A Longitudinal Case Study of a Latina Bilingual Teacher Promoting Academic Literacy Through Social Studies Instruction

Nina Moore
Engagement in Change: Interacting Perspectives in Under Performing High Schools

Bryce Battisti
Permaculture in Higher Education: Teaching Sustainability Through Action Learning

Jennifer Kurth
“Academic Outcomes in Inclusive and Non-Inclusive Special Education Programs for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Boohyun Yaangh
Being English Language Development Students: Cases of Korean-Speaking Students at High School

Chiem Seng Yaangh
Crossing a New Sea: A Study of the First Generation of Iu-Mien College Graduates

Heather Martin
“Elementary School Teachers Mathematics Instructional Decision Making in the Context of District Mandates on Instruction”

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