2017 Graduates

Emily Mae Harris
Examining teacher framing, student reasoning, and student agency in school-based citizen science

Lindsay Lerro
The impact of auditory processing abilities on academic achievement in students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder and ADHD

Kenya Mitchell
Writing at the Crossroads: reflections on authentic voice, student diversity, and vocalizing in diverse contexts

Manuel Senna
Variations in support for second language writers: lessons from top international student destinations

Katherina Sibbald
Tyranny in the mirror: critical reflections on literary talk with high school juniors in writing conferences

Jisel Villegas
Out-of-school literacy practices: a qualitative study of Latino students’ experiences

Lorraine Wilkins
Deconstructing the village: a case study of African American students’ experiences in a well-resourced suburban high school

Lina Yamashita
Making visible the people who feed us: exploring student responses to multicultural texts about food workers

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