2006 Graduates

Allan Bellman
Teaching in a Networked Environment: Catalyst for a Novice Teacher’s use of Formative Assessment

Susan Campbell
Socially Constructing Perspectives: How Fifth Grade Students Express Sociocultural and Critical Historical Perspectives

Pauline Holmes
Academic literacy in the literature classroom: investigating instructional decisions of new teachers of English Learners

Suzanne Laughrea
Student voices of success: considering the resiliency of poor and/or minority students who beat the odds in high school

Thao Mai
Sacrifices, Dilemmas and Choices: Young Vietnamese-American Women Negotiating Identity, Family Life, and Being “Successful”

Susan Davidson
Student Perspectives on Their School Trips to Zoos

Luciana de Oliveira

Diane Huzieff

Marta Induni
Interacting Effects of Depression and Resilience Assets on Adolescent Smoking Status

Anysia Mayer
A Descriptive Study of Five College Prep Programs in an Urban High School: Applying Action Theory

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