2013 graduates

Cathleen Alexander
Community college developmental education students’ understanding of foundational fraction concepts

Diane Harkins
Coaching in the context of social-emotional development : implications for targeted early childhood professional development

Lisa Bennett
From Preservice to Inservice: The Development of Inquiry Stance

Nicole Blalock
Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies: Understanding School Practices and the Academic Achievement of American Indian and Alaska Native Students through a Multidisciplinary Lens

Ali Sakkal
The culture of home away from home : embracing the travel experience for learning and development

Julie Wahleithner
High School Teachers’ Instruction of Writing: Negotiating Knowledge, Student Need, and Policy

Paul de Gennaro
Measurement and training of STEM aptitude in post-secondary students enrolled in a pre-alied health program

Frances Holmes
Native American perspectives on educational experiences from within the not so ivory tower

Amy Huang
Developing Multiplicative Thinking with Rectangular Array Tasks in a Computer Environment

Maria-Cecilia Gómez
Exemplary, new teachers’ perspectives on teaching second-language learners and developing academic language : an embodied understanding of practice framework

Erin Hardie

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