2010 graduates

Kevin Lai
Exploring Quadrilaterals in a Collaborative Computing Environment

Cassandra Hawley
How beginning secondary teachers understand and enact academic literacies in their classrooms : a qualitative multi-case study

Rim Zahra
Animating the Grotesque in Depression America: A Cultural Analysis of Walt Disney’s Early Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Razzan Zahra
Disney Wishes: Reimagining Disney through the Eyes of Make-A-Wish Children

Alexander Hess
Starting a Learning Progression for Agricultural Literacy: A Qualitative Study of Urban Elementary Student Understandings of Agricultural and Science Education Benchmarks

Lina Méndez
Latino English Learners’ access to a rigorous curriculum at a high performing high school in Northern California

Jennifer Porter
Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT): An Evaluation of Inter-rater Reliability

Maria Regalado
A student -centered perspective of technology for learning at California community colleges

Lisa Sullivan
Joint attention: Interactions with word learning and school readiness

Julia Svoboda
Modeling science supporting a more authentic epistemology of science

Shannon Cannon
When the School “Faucet” Turns Off, the Sociocultural “Sprinklers” Turn On: Funds of Knowledge among First and Second Grade English Learners Who Experienced Reading Gains During Summer

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