2014 graduates

Julie Orozco
Developing a Vision for Mathematics Instruction: Using Self-collected/Self-selected Video Clips in the Context of Mathematics Teacher Professional Development

Luis Restrepo
The moral career of the student athlete : negotiating difference and exploring identity

Scot Sutherland
Constraint-referenced analytics of algebra learning in classroom network contexts

Renatta DeFever
Examining the academic achievement and language proficiency of English learners in California

Rosa Gomez-Camacho
Parental Investment in Children’s Human Capital: Determinants of Bargaining Power, Decision-Making and Intra-Household Resource Allocation within a Mexican-Origin Immigrant Community

Shirley Thomas
Language learners and the impact of reading ability and socioeconomic inequality on science and math achievement : discriminate function analysis and differential item functioning (item bias) studies of the PISA across 45 countries

Aparna Sinha
Exploring directed self placement as a placement alternative for first year college students in writing classes

Joanna Wong
What to write? : elementary bilingual students writing in a second language

Kerrie Chitwood
Reading intervention for children with fragile X syndrome

Laura Greiss Hess
Effects of sertraline treatment for young children with fragile X syndrome : examination of developmental outcomes and family contexts

Kathryn Hayes
Equity in elementary science education : a study of institutional and policy factors

Rosa Manzo
Pláticas de Resistencia: An Examination of the Forms of Parent Involvement and Negotiation of School-Parent Tensions in a Farmworking Community in California’s Central Valley

Mong Thi Nguyen
Billingual voices on identities, language, and being

Melissa Soto
Documenting students’ mathematical thinking through explanations and screencasts

Henry Tran
An examination of the existing relationship between salary and performance for education employees in California

Pamela Gourley-Delaney
The Sociomathematical Niche: Ethnographic Case Studies of Four Kindergarten Children at Home and at School

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