2021 Graduates

David Earwicker
Asymmetric Expectations: Faculty Research Roles Under California’s Master Plan for Higher Education

Danielle Hagood
How University Instructors See Student Engagement and Risk Status: Constructing Definitions with Information from Instructional Practices and Learning Management Systems

Alexandria Hurtt
Access and Equity in California Schools: Three Investigations on the Distribution of School Inputs

Adam Musser
Toward What Freedom? Youth Literacies and Knowledges in a Carceral State

Sara Pierner
Equity in education: High school FAFSA submission rates and California community colleges’ equity activities

Anna Marie Ramos
Advancing Colleges? Connections to Local Communities: A Case Study on Higher Education’s Role In California’s Housing Crisis

Vanessa Segundo
Creating Ecosystems to Reimagine Latinx Student Success: Historicizing Latinx Cultural Centers in Higher Education

Marjorie Westervelt
Understanding Faculty Assessment Decisions of Medical Student Clinical Reasoning Ability

Jackson Yan
Where do Community College Students want to Transfer to?: Essays Examining College Choice for Community College Transfer Students

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