2018 Graduates

Bahareh Abhari 
College readiness validation of common core standards in mathematics

Kristine Calvo
Changing Pedagogies: Teacher Identity in the Context of Technology Leveraged Classrooms 

Orlando Carreon
Effective teaching of Chican@/Latin@ students: a community responsive approach

Amanda Crump
Dialogue in an international agricultural development introductory course 

Colin Dixon
Making Learning Work: A multi-site study of how young people shape learning within productive youth-based organizations 

Lisa Hardy
Discourse and reasoning in networked physics classrooms

WenYen Huang
Integrating Educational Technology: A Study of Secondary Preservice Mathematics Teachers

Roxanne Rashedi
An Early Childhood Education in Embodiment: Willful forms of self-regulation in a classroom-based yoga intervention

Rachel Restani
Exploring student voice in a high school mathematics classroom – empowering strategies for marginalized students

Matthew Zajic
Assessing Attention and Engagement During Writing in High-Functioning, School-Age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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