California’s New Accountability System: PSAA Report to SBE
District Leadership

The December 2014 PSAA Report to the State Board of Education describes the main aims of the State’s developing accountability system. Below we summarize key aspects.

 California’s new school district accountability system overview

  • Focus on meaningful learning for all students,
  • Replaces single measure (API)
  • Supported by adequate and appropriate resources aligned to state priorities.

The new accountability system aims to accomplish the following:

  • Build on the foundations of LCFF, state priorities, and implementation of new student academic standards and assessments
  • Increase district and school capacity and drive continuous improvement
  • Focus on a broader set of outcomes than in the past and to reflect more clearly what students need in order to be prepared for college, careers, and citizenship
  • Align decisions and actions consistently to ensure students are ready for college and careers
  • Differentiate the performance of schools and districts in reliable and meaningful ways so they receive appropriate support and assistance
  • Improve performance across the systems; increase achievement and efficiency and strengthen local capacity 

LCAP evaluation rubrics

  • The State Board of Education is scheduled to adopt evaluation rubrics by October 1, 2015.
  • The evaluation rubrics are an integral part of the LCFF performance and accountability system.
  • Once developed, the rubrics will serve as performance tools to ensure LEAs are able to align goals and resources to implement strategies that result in meaningful student outcomes.
  • The rubrics will also direct attention to areas in need of additional support to meet the adopted standards for district and school performance and expectations for improvement relative to the state and local priorities.
  • Holistic, multi-dimensional assessment of school district and individual school site performance.

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