EDU 192 /198 Process

To take EDU 192 (Internship)  or 198 (Directed Group Study) a student must secure a School of Education faculty supervisor to sponsor the work for course units. It is the student’s responsibility to email/meet with a faculty member directly to explain their project and ask if the faculty is available to serve as a sponsor. Typically a student approaches a faculty member they have taken a course with in the past. The request process needs to be done before the quarter begins. 

There is a required “Variable Unit Course Contract” form for EDU 192/198 which must be completed and signed by both the student and faculty. The form is available in Student Services room 261 in the School of Education Building (and also via email: Once the completed form is turned into Student Services is must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean. If approved, a CRN will be issued via email. Typically approvals are granted for 1-2 units. During the campus closure you may request the form & submit the completed form by email. Please email:

Unit to hour breakdown: one unit for every 30 hours of work per 10-week academic quarter.

DEADLINE: In order to not incur a late fee and to allow for approval and processing of the form, all completed contract forms must be received no later than the 7th day of instruction each quarter.

If you have question please contact Student Services at:

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