Fresh Faces

Welcoming Our New Interns

As we enter winter quarter, we are delighted to welcome both familiar faces and newcomers alike to the Center for Community and Citizen Science. This season always brings a buzz of excitement and anticipation and with the arrival of our new undergraduate interns, Elly Dai and Kelsey Farhit, we’re diving headfirst into another exciting chapter of collaboration and growth!

Get to know Elly:

Elly is an undergraduate student at UC Davis majoring in History and Sociology with a law and society focus. Elly is learning more about the epistemologies of citizen science and its astounding applications while piloting our Insight Gardens program and, more specifically, drafting materials for the Insight Garden e-bird program. We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Elly’s journey!


Get to know Kelsey:

Kelsey is an undergraduate student at UC Davis majoring in Communications and Political Science and minoring in Spanish. Kelsey joined the team as our Communications Intern this winter and with a passion for effective communication, has focused on augmenting the Center for Community and Citizen Science’s project outreach materials and community engagement through the Center’s Collabinar events. We’re excited to see what lies ahead for Kelsey!

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