May 7 at the Shrem Museum 

Interdisciplinary Research Catalyst: Conversations in Community and Citizen Science

UPDATE: The full agenda is now available. RSVP now to reserve a spot!

At UC Davis, scientists are working with communities to conduct research from Knights Landing to Zanzibar. Volunteers are investigating water quality on shores of Lake Tahoe, playing online games to shape the future of medicine, and navigating coastal waters to gather management-relevant fisheries data.

There are many more examples. 

And there is huge interest among public and private funders in the power of community and citizen science. At the NSF alone, among currently active awards there are more than 300 projects involving community and citizen science, collectively bringing in more than $220 million.

All of this activity raises important questions for universities about the nature of our engagement with society, and opportunities for us to deepen those interactions. It points to ways that we can make real progress on difficult scientific and societal problems. 

On May 7th we will gather at the Manetti Shrem Museum for a full day of learning, discussion, and networking activities with fellow faculty members and researchers, sponsored by the UC Davis Office of Research. Learn about funding opportunities, build collaborations, and explore how you can incorporate citizen and community science into your research as a powerful tool for science, outreach, and engagement. 

This event will be hands-on: we look forward to hearing from you, and working together on innovative proposals and initiatives. Our steering committee is hard at work on the agenda, and it will be released in the coming weeks.

RSVP today for this limited capacity event.

Event Overview:

9:00 Morning Session I: Lessons, approaches and tools for shaping citizen science and community science at UC Davis

  • Keynote Speaker Raj Pandya, Program Director of Thriving Earth Exchange, an initiative of the American Geophysical Union, and Founding Board Member of the Citizen Science Association
  • UC Davis researchers and partners will provide a broad range of examples, and important considerations for researchers working with communities and individuals.

Mid-day Session II: Opportunities at UC Davis and beyond (includes lunch)

  • Campus context: Engaged Scholarship and Engaged Learning Initiative at UC Davis
  • Uncovering funding opportunities in community and citizen science: private, corporate and government funding

Afternoon Session III: Working Groups and Project Incubation

  • Working groups on specific topics will advance concrete ideas for projects, and identify needs, next steps, and targeted funding opportunities.

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