New White Paper:

Science Identity and Agency in Community and Citizen Science: Evidence & Potential

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has released a new report that takes a deep dive into research on learning through citizen science. Beyond the many challenges and recommendations it details, the report is a strong affirmation that citizen science can support both science learning and research goals. We’re proud that our work has informed this effort, including an Academy-commissioned white paper and keynote talk by Faculty Director Heidi Ballard, and Center Alums Emily Harris and Colin Dixon.

The white paper, Science Identity and Agency in Community and Citizen Science: Evidence & Potential was commissioned by the National Academies’ Committee Committee on Designing Citizen Science to Support Science Learning. The paper explains how community and citizen science can provide a rich context for the development of identity and agency with science, and includes best practices for fostering Environmental Science Agency among children and adults. It also outlines key questions, gaps and challenges for researchers investigating these issues.

You can access the white paper here, and the full NASEM report here.

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