Required Fieldwork – EDU 100, AED 100, EDU 181, EDU 183

Education 100 is the first core class in the Education minor. Please note this course has a required 30 hour  off-campus fieldwork component built into the class. 

Field placements for EDU 100 are designed:

  • To help our students understand the role of teachers
  • To help our students understand the experiences of students
  • To help our students understand school as a system
  • To help our students understand the social and cultural influences on school systems and the impact on the lives of the students and teachers

Courses allowed to replace EDU 100 are: AED 100 or EDU 181 and EDU 183. Note: AED 100 is a 3 unit class. To replace EDU 100 you must take both EDU 181 and EDU 183 for a total of 4 units towards the minor. AED 100, EDU 181 and EDU 183 all have required fieldwork hours. Fieldwork placement in these courses are guided by Agriculture faculty and MAST/Cal Teach staff.

IMPORTANT: Once registered in the EDU 100 course, students are asked to research available education internships (in a TK-12 classroom ) at the Internship & Career Center. DON’T WAIT-start looking for an internship site right after you register for EDU 100.
Please note: Most teaching credential programs require pre-service hours in a classroom setting at grade level & subject area of credential sought. Please contact the minor advisor to discuss this further. 

For further guidance or questions concerning fieldwork please contact the Minor advisor at

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